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Using the Internet for God is written by Rob Cross.

Rob has been a Christian for over 23 years.

Rob has been a successful Internet marketing consultant for over 20 years.

He specializes in helping companies find clients from the Internet, and works with companies selling many kinds of products and services.

Rob sometimes works with Christian ministries helping them increase targeted traffic to their sites.

He is also available to help churches find renters for their facilities to help generate income and he is available to provide apps for churches.

If you know of a business that needs internet marketing help, referring them to can get you a commission of $1000 if they sign a year contract, or $500 if they sign a 6 month contract.

Rob was the lead Internet marketing consultant for approximately three years for one of the largest alternative investment firms in La Jolla, CA.

He has also consulted for numerous other companies helping them find clients in market segments such as, luxury hotels, industrial products, hedge funds, cancer hospitals, and interior design.

Rob is the author of the critically acclaimed book "Insider Secrets - Finding Affluent Clients Online"

He has been a guest expert contributor for the award winning Marketing Experiments Journal

Rob has spoken in different states to audiences about how to find customers online.

Rob graduated with honors with a degree in computer science in 1987 from Southern Oregon State College.

Before entering the internet marketing field, Rob was a computer programmer working in markets such as educational programming and public safety.

The web site for his book "Insider Secrets - Finding Affluent Clients Online" can be found at

If you have a business or ministry that needs renters, an app or help getting targeted traffic from the internet, e-mail or call Rob for a free consultation at:

cell: 619-248-8351